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By Angelica Senders


Managua, 27 November 2014

Above you see a picture of the third day of the training for Gender in Value Chain coaches organized by Hivos for their staff and partners in several Central-American countries. The training was based on the approach developed by Agri-ProFocus, with active participation of Hivos, and took place 4,5 days in total. The participants have been practicing the tools they learned during the first two days of the workshop, with representatives of the Biogas program of Hivos and SNV a dairy value chain will be analyzed. Representatives of the coffee cooperative PRODECOOP provided information on their coffee chain. In two groups the participants facilitated a conversation with the visitors to analyze the value chains from a gender perspective in order to identify opportunities to include women on a more equal footing. For the participants this was a perfect opportunity to apply the tools for gender sensitive value chain mapping and analyses on real life cases. They were excited about the approaches and tools they learned so far and they were looking forward applying the knowledge in their own programs.

Quote of a participant: “This exercise was very useful for us but also for our visitors. PRODECOOP, has already done quite some steps but this exercise helped them to look at their cooperative with an outsiders’ view and with the help of these instruments. It will help to design a strategy with next steps to take to address gender in their cooperative.”

The training was facilitated by Angelica Senders, Network Facilitator Gender in Value Chains Agri- ProFocus/Fair Sustainable Advisory Services, Mieke Vanderschaeghe, Gender in Value Chain Expert and Julieta Hernandez, Consultant Hivos Guatemala and Gender Expert.

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