27 June 2012 zichtbaarzijn

By Marjoleine Motz

Covenant sustainable sourcing of fresh fruits and vegetables signed by broad coalition

Today all major supermarkets, trading companies and NGOs in the Netherlands came together to sign a covenant targeting sustainable fresh fruits and vegetables to be sourced from Central- and South-America, Africa and Asia within eight years. By 2020, consumers can be confident that all fresh fruits and vegetables in Dutch supermarkets are sustainably produced. The covenant was signed by Superunie, C1000, Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Lidl, The Greenery, AgroFair, Eosta, FairFields, Jaguar the fresh company, Nature's Pride, Staay Food Group and Van Oers United. These parties are committed to having 30% of their volume sourced sustainably by 2014, rising to 50% in 2015 and 100% volume sourced sustainably in 2020. ICCO, Solidaridad, Productschap Tuinbouw and Frugi Venta are supporting the covenant with their sector expertise. The program is coordinated by The Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH).

Joost Oorthuizen, CEO of IDH: “This initiative reinforces the leading position of the Netherlands in the fruits and vegetables sector when it comes to sustainable production. The covenant is an agreement with the entire sector in which large and small parties agreed to work together towards a sustainable supply chain.”

Based on existing standards such as BSCI, Rainforest Alliance, ETI, Fairtrade (according to FLO and IMO – Fair for Life), sustainability is defined. Within the coming years, IDH will set up projects which include improving working conditions and stimulating sustainable water use. In South Africa, Colombia and Ethiopia are the embassies already closely involved.

We congratulate The Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) with this step forward towards a sustainable world and we are proud of the fact that we, as Fair & Sustainable Advisory Services, have been part of the preparations for this covenant.

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