10 November 2010 zichtbaarzijn

ICCO is a member of the WASH (Water, Sanitation and Health) alliance. The WASH program will be implemented in 11 countries. In a number of these countries planning workshops with both Southern and Northern partners present were held in October 2010. In Kenya and Tanzania Angelica Senders of Fair and Sustainable Advisory Services was asked to represent ICCO.
Objectives of her assignment were: (1) Bring in ICCO experiences, especially with regard to programme development; (2) Discuss how ICCO could contribute to the program with a special focus on the innovative elements of the program (particularly private sector involvement and innovative financing); (3) Discuss how synergy can be reached between the WASH program and other programs of ICCO.

Together with representatives of other Northern WASH partners and the Kenyan/ Tanzanian local facilitators Angelica contributed to the development of a workshop programme. This resulted in a lively and interactive process. She facilitated the discussion on the topics programmatic approach and alliance building, for these topics her knowledge of the P-scan was very helpful. This scan to monitor programmatic cooperation is currently being developed by the P&D department of ICCO. It turned out that her experiences on private sector development were very relevant for the WASH programme in which cooperation with private sector actors is an innovative strategy.

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