Youth in Value Chains

While the farmer population in developing countries is ageing, agriculture attracts few young people. As a source of employment, it has a low status among young people and in combination with the lack of ownership of land and financial resources to start a business makes agriculture not an attractive career prospect for young people. However, as the demand for food worldwide is growing, so are opportunities for business in agriculture. To meet the food needs of an ever increasing world population, it is essential to include the next generation producers and entrepreneurs in agricultural development.

F&S promotes the inclusion of youth in agricultural value chains by using a ‘youth lens’ in value chain selection, analysis and development. What attracts or hinders youth to engage in value chains and what do they need to participate in the different value chain steps? We offer advice, support and tools to assess the role of youth and develop solutions to encourage them to take part in a specific value chain. We also evaluate youth oriented value chain programmes.


EJOM Program Mali – ICCO West Africa, 2017-2021

Strategic advice on youth employment program in Mali on horticulture and waste management. Advise on inclusion and business strategies, market development and coaching and training of cooperatives and micro entrepreneurs. 

Consultant: André Vording

Developing a Theory of Change for Youth Employment Interventions in West Africa – ICCO West Africa, 2019

Consultants: Victor van der Linden, Somaya Moll

Youth Employability Strategy for trade Union in Guinee – CNV International, 2019

Consultant: Somaya Moll

Youth employment potential in agricultural and non-agricultural value chains in South Kivu, DRC – War Child Holland, 2018

Assessment for War Child Holland of the opportunities for development of value chain development interventions under the Dutch-funded ARC/IZAWEZEKANA project on peace-building, governance and youth and income generation. Interviews and in-country visits (South-Kivu). Feed-back and Validation workshop in Bukavu.

Consultant: Peter Ton

Assess the potential or Youth Employment interventions in West Africa – Oxfam UK, 2017

Consultants: Victor van der Linden, Wilfried Schasfoort

Toolkit for women and youth inclusive coffee chains – IDH, Hivos, Agri-ProFocus, 2013-2014
Development of a toolkit, intended for practitioners hired by companies and/or producer groups and networks.
Consultants: Angelica Senders, Marjoleine Motz