Value Chain Analysis & Development

A value chain is a set of linkages between a number of independent enterprises involved in the production, processing, trade, consumption and disposal of a particular product or service. Each phase adds value and the whole chain aims to satisfy the demand of the final consumer and to increase profits for the actors involved through increased efficiency and competitiveness.

Fair & Sustainable Consulting (F&S) works on developing sustainable value chains that are socially, environmentally and economically sound. We believe that a fair benefit sharing between chain actors results in win-win situations, in stronger and more sustainable value chains and lasting relationships.

F&S uses a systemic approach to value chains, by including all actors inside and around a value chain, such as (financial or technical) business providers. We believe that a healthy and strong value chain is a diverse value chain, including different sized companies and different groups of people.

F&S provides supports governments, companies and NGOs, to identify the most promising value chains and intervention opportunities. We analyse the selected value chains and give advice on how to develop the value chains. We offer coaching, training, capacity building for different actors, and facilitate and develop multi-stakeholder partnerships.


VC Analysis of moringa and baie rose in Madagascar  –  GIZ 2019-2020

Consultants: Jochem Schneemann, Annelien Meerts

Value Chain Selection and Analysis Burundi – SNV, 2019
Value chain selection for new SNV project and subsequent VCA of the six prioritised value chains, including advice on entry points for start-up interventions.

Consultants: André Vording, Peter Ton, Annelien Meerts

Value chain selection and development of eight business cases (Egypt, Kenya,Uganda) – RVO / CBI, 2018 

Consultants: Jeroen van Wijk, Victor van der Linden, Annelien Meerts

* Cashew Processing Value Chain Analysis – RVO / CBI, 2018

In-depth analysis of the value chain for cashew processing in West Africa. Survey of 15 cashew processing companies in Côte d’Ivoire and 8 in Benin. Interviews and in-country company visits. Feed-back and Validation workshops in Abidjan and Cotonou.

Consultant: Peter Ton

Value Chain Analysis and Market Analysis of Casava & Dry Beans in Kigoma, Tanzania – Enabel, 2017 

Consultants: Paul Sijssens, Victor van der Linden, Jochem Schneemann

Development of the Guidelines for Value Chain Selection – GIZ/ILO,  2015-2017

Consultants: Jochem Schneemann, Trude Vredeveld