Proposal Development

Proposal Development is an increasingly important service as organizations have the need to diversify their funding. At the same time, they have to match their mission and expertise with donors’ requirements, in a context of stiff competition for financial resources. As many proposals nowadays are based on cooperation between different (types of) actors, multi-stakeholder coordination and guidance of development of proposals is crucial.

F&S Consulting has a long track record in proposal development for a range of donor funds, such as the Dutch Government including RVO and Dutch Embassies, the European Union, Mastercard Foundation, Danida and others. Our role in each assignment is tailored to the needs of our clients, while keeping in mind the donor’s requirements. We can play a leading role in the development of a proposal including the overall coordination and proposal writing. We also can play a content role developing the theory of change or developing strategies, particularly on areas related to value chain development, inclusive finance and inclusion of women and youth. We have specific expertise for the development of budgets.


Alfasan Uganda Ltd., 2020 (ongoing)

Support to private company Alfasan in developing a proposal for a Dutch fund: advice, coordination, proposal writing and budget development

Consultants: André Vording, Wilfried Schasfoort, Nick Peacock

Coordination of development of DryDev2 proposal – ICCO, 2020 

Coordinated the proposal writing process with all stakeholders. Full proposal developed

Consultant: André Vording

EU RESET program Ethiopia – ICCO, 2018 

Contribute input and expertise in the proposal. Proposal approved

Consultants: Victor van der Linden, André Vording, Nick Peacock

DANIDA DMDP calls – ICCO SE Asia and West Africa, 2017-2019  

Funding for one proposal approved, and one proposal passed to the final round

Consultant: André Vording

Mastercard Foundation STARS program – ICCO Terrafina, 2015 

Development of full proposal to the Mastercard Foundation for USD 20 million. Proposal approved

Consultants: Mariel Mensink, André Vording