Plannning Monitoring Evaluation and Learning (PMEL)

Good planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning (PMEL) within your organisation or programme helps you to reflect on the performance, achievement of results and impacts of your activities. Good PMEL facilitates learning and enhances your performance, management and implementation. Good PMEL will highlight and reduce wastage of resources on less relevant strategies or activities, thus increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your programme or enterprise.

Fair & Sustainable Consulting (F&S) provides support to the design of PMEL systems, especially in programmes aiming for a Market System Development (MSD) approach. This includes the review, development or reconstruction of the Theory of Change (ToC), Logical framework, impact pathways, result chains and indicators. We believe that improvement happens through a series of small steps and constant practicing and learning by management and staff themselves. F&S has the capacity and the experience to guide and coach PMEL system implementation, as to ensure PMEL is feasible, pragmatic and manageable.

F&S contributes to the learning of organisations through specific assessments, workshops and exchanges about particular subject matters, e.g. on gender issues in value chains or rural finance in value chains.

F&S also implements external evaluations with a strong learning and participatory approach that includes staff and all important stakeholders. External evaluations are good tools to assess and improve the quality and the implementation of PMEL systems. We connect and triangulate data from different sources and focus on the impact on different (target) groups. See the separate section.


Improving Market Access for the Poor (IMA4P) – VSO UK, 2019

Final Evaluation of the entire 5 year project and a synthesis study; with a strong focus on the learning approach and on adaptive management of the project team. Interviews and in-country visits in Cambodia (Battambang Province) and Nigeria (Niger State); covering three different value chains (rice, maize, soya). The evaluation was concluded with an in-depth presentation and reflection with VSO HQ staff in London.

Consultant: Ben Haagsma

Development of TOC & Monitoring System – Civic Engagement Alliance, 2015-2020

Design the  Theory of Change and its pathways, monitor progress of the Civic Engagement Alliance through participation in a Reference Group; Adjust the TOC as a result of the COvid-19 pandemic. 

Consultant: Hettie Walters

Result chains and monitoring advice on STARS program ICCO, 2016-2021

Development of 8 result chains, indicators, Kobo collect data collection system and subsequent data analysis

Consultant: André Vording

Result chains and monitoring advice MAVC program  ICCO, 2015-2019

Development of 4 result chains, indicators, Kobo collect data collection system and subsequent data analysis

Consultant: André Vording

FARM program in DRC – Mercy Corps, 2017-2021

Development of three result chains and indicators

Consultants: Victor van der Linden, André Vording

Greening Agricultural Transformation in Ethiopia (GATE) – ATA, 2019

Lesson Learning Exercise with the Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) and donor Danida on greening of the agricultural transformation agenda in Ethiopia. Interviews and  in-country visits (in Tigray and Oromia regions). Feed-back workshops with ATA and Danida.

Lead consultant: Mona Dhamankar (KIT). Consultant: Peter Ton.