Program Management

Modern, well-adapted and efficient management is a prerequisite for the NGO sector to keep track of the fast-moving changes in the donor, program and partner environment. F&S offers interim program management and management support to respond to your needs for management capacity, organizational change and program performance.

Our knowledge and track record is based on extensive management (support) experience. The management consultants’ thorough and broad understanding of modern economic and business development assures program-results focused management services.

F&S consultants offer direct operational program management with a variety of supporting services, such as management coaching, organization-(re-)design, finance and administration, organizational evaluation, multi-stakeholder strategy development (processes), et cetera.

Program Management services consist of:

Temporary / interim PM

The F&S consultant becomes the manager of a program, with all responsibility and authority attached. This can take place during the preparation and start-up of a program, and also during a management-gap, a program reorientation or when management problems exist. Temporary PM normally lasts between 3 and 6 months. F&S does not offer long-term (2-3 years) PM.

Program Management Support

The F&S consultant carries out, or advises on, specific managerial/organizational parts of PM, under the responsibility of the client’s own manager. The consultant does not assume the full PM responsibility. Elements of PM to be serviced can be:

  • Program formulation (often in combination with thematic advice)
  • Program evaluation (often in combination with thematic advice)
  • Program fund raising
  • Program Manager coaching
  • Donor relations management
  • Human Resources
  • Finance


Post-Hurricane Recovery Project Manager – National Recovery Program Bureau (NRPB), Sint Maarten, 2019 (6 months)

Project Manager of US $ 55 million post-hurricane government emergency recovery project, focusing on repair and improvement of social and private housing, restoration and improvement of service facilities (police stations, schools, shelters) and development of capacities of people.

Consultant: Piet van Ommeren

Micro Finance Program Manager – ICCO Burundi 2019, 6 months

Re-organisation and management of the MAVC (Microfinance, Agri-finance and Value Chain) Program. Focus on administrative and organisational improvement, and on the development of the next program phase for funding and execution.

Consultant: Piet Spaarman

Value Chain Development Program Start-up Manager – SNV Burundi, 2018 – 2019 (6 months)

Starting up 4-years EKN-financed nutrition security, value chain development and youth employment program PADANE in Burundi. Focus on SNV-registration in Burundi, local and international partner network development, baseline research activities.

Consultant: Piet van Ommeren

Interim Director VSO Netherlands – Voluntary Services Overseas NL, 2017 – 2018 (6 months)

NGO-director position with specific emphasis on the integration of VSO NL in the VSO Worldwide organization. Subjects: volunteer recruitment and onboarding, program fundraising, public fund raising, external communication and marketing.

Consultant: Piet van Ommeren

Interim Country Director VSO Malawi – Voluntary Services Overseas Int., 2018 (3 months)

Overall leadership of INGO Country Office implementing programs on Secure Livelihoods, Education and Health with 35 staff and 15 volunteers (international/national). Focus on management performance improvement, business development and volunteers position improvement.

Consultant: Piet van Ommeren

Management Barley Emerging Farmers Economic Development (BE-FED) Program, South Africa – ICCO, 2016 – 2020 (part-time)

The program was financed by RVO Netherlands, Heineken Breweries and Malteries Soufflet. Design and management of the inception phase and the implementation of the program in which emerging black farmers were supported to produce malting quality barley for the South African market. Emphasis on farmer identification, farmer training & mentoring, farmer contracting (including production loans) and monitoring, product quality, multi-stakeholder collaboration (farmers, training institute, corporate sector, donor).

Consultants: Paul Sijssens and Piet van Ommeren

Interim Regional Manager / Closure of Regional Office, South Africa – ICCO, 2015

Preparation and execution of the termination of the regional (funding) program and the closure of the regional office of the international NGO in South Africa. Full staff retrenchment, partner phasing out, handing over of remaining responsibilities to ICCO management and to re-designed country offices, financial and administrative phasing out, all external communication.

Consultant: Piet van Ommeren