Business and Human Rights

Every human being has the right to live in dignity and freedom, regardless of its nation, location, language, religion, ethnic origin or any other status. Fair & Sustainable Consulting (F&S) wants to contribute to a world in which people, especially marginalized and vulnerable people, have a voice and know how to claim their rights. A world in which everyone is aware of the social, political and cultural context in which they operate and is aware of their roles and responsibilities. We believe that this can be done by collective effort and cooperation. We believe that this can only be done by taking the local context, people and organizations as a starting point.

F&S uses the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights as a starting point for exchanges with our clients and we assist our clients to implement these Guiding Principles in a practical way.

F&S promotes the use of a ‘human rights lens’ in value chain development and distinguishes three different, but strongly intertwined levels:

Human rights and fair benefit sharing in value chains. This includes e.g. issues such as labour rights, child labour and (unequal) bargaining positions of value chain actors and involves companies, smallholders and employees.

Human rights in the market system. This includes e.g. issues related to land governance, the right to water and food, the right to health. It involves all value chain actors, governments, and the local communities who live nearby production and processing processes.

Human rights in the broader political environment. This includes civil and political rights, governmental rules and regulations and social and cultural practices, such as corruption, discrimination.

We offer support to companies, value chain practitioners and CSOs who want to implement a human right’s lens in their work. We We assist them in analysing the human rights impact of their intervention, how unequal power relations and diversity might influence their goals, and how to prevent risks and develop a responsible and sustainable business and economy. We offer applied research, analysis and practical tools. 


Human Rights Made Simple – ICCO, 2016-2017

UN Guiding Principles made workable for European SME’s and their local suppliers in the agro-food sector, based on an easy to read, ‘stepwise approach (duedillegence)’ how to comply with corporate responsibility to respect human rights. 

Consultants: Marjoleine Motz, Manon Wolfkamp (associate), Trude Vredeveld

Roadmap “Doing Responsible Business” – a guide for SME’s on implementing UNGP” ICCO / IDH, 2018-2019

Development of  a practical roadmap for implementing the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) for owners and managers of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the fruit and vegetable sector. 

Consultants: Marjoleine Motz, Manon Wolfkamp (associate) Trude Vredeveld