Financial and Data Analysis   

Development organisations regularly have different sets of data that need processing, such as financial or monitoring data or program reports. Sometimes, external support can be helpful to meet a deadline or tackle a backlog. In cases with large amounts of complex data, processing can actually be quite challenging, especially if it is not the regular work of staff involved. In such cases, support from an experienced external consultant can help to quickly assess what is needed, tackle the work and move forward.

At Fair & Sustainable Consulting we have extensive experience reporting to donors, assessing reports from partners, and analysing financial and monitoring data and database dumps. We have specific experience in developing formats and processes to consolidate financial reporting for different countries and members of a consortium.

Together with our clients, we design a tailor made approach for each assignment. We discuss both the technical aspects and the division of tasks and responsibilities between the client, partners and consultant. When designing formats or processes, we take into account the wishes and capacity of the staff who will use the final products.

We can work on assignments independently or as part of a client’s project team. We can also provide specific services such as advice, building a format, or cleaning up data for further processing by the client. In all cases, we help our clients to ensure:

  •   finalisation of work meets any deadlines
  •   work is done in line with the clients’ requirements or e.g. donor guidelines
  •   the best possible quality is achieved within the given timeframe.

We apply different techniques to minimise error in our products, and make sure they are properly finished off and well presented.


Financial and monitoring work for portfolio of projects – ICCO/Albert Heijn Foundation, 2016 – 2020

F&S Consulting coordinates portfolio management of projects supported by Albert Heijn Foundation, which is implemented by ICCO. The project holders are suppliers of Albert Heijn, mainly in Africa. The beneficiaries of the projects are employees and surrounding communities. For several years, F&S Consulting also performed part of the financial and monitoring work for Albert Heijn Foundation’s portfolio:

  •   Assessment of project budgets, financial reports and audit reports, and transfers of project funds
  •   Development of a portfolio monitoring tool
  •   Analysis and consolidation of results of all projects in the first 10 years of Albert Heijn Foundation’s existence.

 Consultant: Nick Peacock

 Prepare Financial project reports – ICCO Disaster Management Unit, 2017 – 2018

Support to DMU preparing financial reports to the Dutch Relief Alliance on 6 of ICCO’s Joint Response projects:

  •   Analysis of financial reports and audit reports of the implementing ACT Alliance partners
  •   Consolidation of ICCO’s and partners’ expenditure, production of the reports to the DRA lead agencies.

Consultant: Nick Peacock

Settlement of accounts between Rabobank, ICCO and Oikocredit, Terrafina Microfinance 2016-2017

Terrafina Microfinance was transformed from a joint endeavour of Rabobank Foundation, Oikocredit and ICCO Cooperation into a program within ICCO.

F&S Consulting drafted a proposal for the final settlement of accounts between the three stakeholders. Work included analysis of all financial agreements, expenditure at Headquarters and local offices in Africa, and the contributions received from stakeholders. The proposal was approved by the stakeholders.

Consultant: Nick Peacock