Business Development

Businesses, SMEs, as well as larger businesses, play an important role in the development of value chains. They significantly contribute to economic growth. By supporting the growth of businesses, F&S enables these businesses to create decent additional jobs and hence sustainable economic opportunities.

F&S supports businesses and organizations that work with businesses via custom-made advisory services. Mentoring, coaching and business plan development are tools that we use to support business growth. In addition, we offer a training course on business case development.


Business Support to Malian SMEs –  RVO, 2022-2024

Mentorship Programme to support Malian SMEs to grow their businesses.

Consultants:  Victor van der Linden, Annelien Meerts, André Vording

Business Plan Development – Liliane Foundation/CBCHS, 2022

The development of business plans for three educational courses for CBCHS in West Cameroon

Consultants: Annelien Meerts

Business Case Development Training Course – Tropenbos International, 2021

Training on the development of a business plan and pitch for eight partners of Tropenbos International.

Consultants:  Annelien Meerts, André Vording

“20 staff members of our network partners stepped in blank, and came out with serious draft business cases; still some way to go, and a very intense 10 weeks, but at the end of the day very rewarding”