30 May 2013 zichtbaarzijn

Bamako Bonjour cover

On May 29th 2013 the book 'Bamako Bonjour', written by Manon Stravens, was released in the Humanity House in The Hague. Piet van Ommeren, interim manager, was mentioned in column 19 'Ode to interim' of the book. You can read the column here (in Dutch). Are you interested in more of these stories, please visit this website and buy the book. 


Piet van Ommeren:

"From August 2011 till March 2012 I worked as Interim Manager in ICCO’s West Africa Regional Office in Bamako, Mali. The last remaining Dutch Program Officer, Manon Stravens, used to write columns picturing her observations of a mixture of work and personal experiences in Mali. One of her columns deals with the way an interim manager (me), after being received with distance and hesitations, manages to ‘get things moving better’ in the office. It is a compliment for my way of working with people from a variety of cultures and of dealing with systems and processes. It also is a nice piece of light literature, emerging form the creative mind of a good and nice colleague."

Would you like to know more about our expertise in interim management? Please contact Piet van Ommeren

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