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Fair & Sustainable Ethiopia has a new manager: Gerrit Holtland, a rural development and agribusiness expert. Growing up on a dairy farm and working in a horticultural family business meant he had considerable practical experience before entering Wageningen University to study tropical agriculture. During his 25 years career as programme manager, consultant and trainer he worked in Africa, the Balkans and Central Asia.

“In my view a strong private sector offers the best chance for pro-poor growth in rural areas. It will be our challenge to provide high quality consultancy and training services to agribusinesses, programs and NGOs that aim to enhance the competitiveness of Ethiopian agricultural value chains in a fair and sustainable way”, according to Gerrit Holtland. “Current economic conditions provide good opportunities for subsistence farmers to become more market oriented and entrepreneurial.”

Fair and Sustainable Ethiopia can play an important role in this transition, in Holtland’s view: “As development experts we understand the aspirations of farmers and rural communities, which we can then combine with our professional knowledge of agricultural value chains. This means we can facilitate and enhance “farm-firm” connections and support and advise farmers and their organizations to improve their access to technology, skills, finance and markets.”

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Visiting Address:
Arsho Laboratory Building
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Addis Ababa


Fair & Sustainable Ethiopia PLC is an Ethiopian subsidiary of Fair & Sustainable Advisory Services and Fair & Sustainable Participations, both part of Fair & Sustainable Holding BV, a Netherlands based company owned by the ICCO Foundation. Fair & Sustainable Ethiopia PLC actively works in the Agriculture and Rural Development sector with the vision to contribute towards poverty alleviation and income generation of the poor in Ethiopia through sustainable private sector development. Fair & Sustainable’s mission is to advise the development and scaling up of market based solutions, supported by high quality Business Development Services.
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