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SustainabilityXchangeSustainabilityXchange is the latest innovation to drive sustainable value chain development by facilitating interaction, knowledge & resource sharing among supply chain actors and technical assistance providers. It will be launched in London on 21 May, at the Global Sustainability Standards Conference, hosted by ISEAL.

SustainabilityXchange is an online platform owned by its community of users. It allows stakeholders –trainers, businesses, standard organizations, SMEs, and NGOs– involved in sustainable trade around the world to pool and exchange information, resources and experiences. The platform fills an important need for knowledge- sharing on sustainable production and trade to move towards a greener and more equitable and environmentally sound global economy.

SustainabilityXchange is powered by Hivos, the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), UTZ Certified, 4C Association, and the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH). It focuses on three sectors: agriculture, aquaculture and forestry.

What are the main services offered by SustainabilityXchange?
SustainabilityXchange is easy to use, free, and interactive. It is a comprehensive one-stop shop with a wealth of resources, answers to your questions, contacts and information on sustainable value chain development. It offers:

  • a library on training material;Five services
  • a calendar of upcoming training events;
  • a directory of trainers, consultants and other services providers;
  • a discussion forum, and;
  • a newsroom collecting the latest news in this area.




Fair & Sustainable Advisory Services’ clients, as key drivers of sustainable development, will benefit from SustainabilityXchange by promoting their services and contributing to resource and expertise sharing.

ITC and its partners Fair Access to Quality, Fair & Sustainable Advisory Services, and Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation are developing the infrastructure and providing a critical mass of content. But already, SustainabilityXchange is being picked up by users, such as trainers, SMEs, business development services, trade promotion organisations and NGOs, who are actively using and contributing to the site. Ultimately, SustainabilityXchange empowers people to learn and share with each other. It helps strengthen the competitiveness and sustainable economic development in developing countries.

For more information and to contribute, view the flyer or send an email to SustainabilityXchange@intracen.org .

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