13 November 2018 zichtbaarzijn

Moringa leaf powder pills

Moringa is known as an easy growing multifunctional tree, one of the products being the leaves which provide for a rich nutritional supplement, and therefor the leaf powder is found amoung the so called super foods in high end Western markets, but also valued in the worldwide stride against malnutrition.

Production process of pills of Moringa leaf powder

For Jochem Schneemann – Fair & Sustainable expert Market and value chain development – the Moringa research in Ethiopia for ICCO Cooperation was one of his first assignments for F&S. Ever since he has build up his expertise and knowledge on value chains and markets of Moringa products and services worldwide through assignments for different clients. Fair & Sustainable also invested own time and means in the building of knowledge and networks around the multiple Moringa applications and value chains.
Earlier this year Jochem was interviewed by ICCO on his experiences and ‘Moringa vision’ for the future. Click here for the full interview.