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By Angelica Senders

Women play crucial roles in agricultural value chains. However, their contribution often remains invisible. For producers and other chain actors and supporters, this can lead to inefficient chains. In consequence, business opportunities may suffer and profits will be lower and/ or unequally distributed. Moreover, existing gender inequities will be perpetuated. In short: fighting poverty becomes hard if you remain ‘gender-blind’.

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This toolkit intends to motivate and help you as a practitioner in integrating a gender perspective in agricultural value chain interventions and programs. It follows the logic of the value chain development project cycle, structuring practical tools for all stages accordingly. The toolkit was developed by Angelica Senders of Fair & Sustainable Advisory Services, Anna Lentink of Triodos Facet and Mieke Vanderschaeghe, independent consultant, with support of Roel Snelder of Agri-ProFocus.

In this booklet, you will find two types of tools:

  1. Those that support data-collection and research to gain insight into gender constraints, opportunities and strategies within value chains; and
  2. Tools guiding the facilitation of participatory processes in order to involve male and female value chain actors at different stages.

The tools are selected from existing manuals. This includes material from USAID, GIZ, ILO, Oxfam, SNV and other organisations linked to the Agri-ProFocus ‘Gender in Value Chains Network’.

Design your own gender integration process!

This toolkit is not a blueprint guideline. Rather, you are presented with a range of tools to choose from and to customize your intervention.

We strongly believe in the concept of ‘open knowledge’. To facilitate customization, we have made the tools not only ‘available’ and ‘accessible’, but also ‘adjustable’. We provide them in Word and Excel documents that can be downloaded from this online platform

We encourage you to use and adjust the tools and to share your experiences and adjustments in the network.

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