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Victor van der Linden and Dutch AmbassadorFair & Sustainable Advisory Services officially opened a new subsidiary in Mali on the 6th of November 2013 under the name Fair & Sustainable West Africa. The officially opening was performed during a well-attended press conference in Salam Hotel in Bamako, Mali in the presence of the Dutch Ambassador, Mr. Maarten Brouwer, the Malinese Minister for the Promotion of Investments, Mr. Moustapha Ben Barka, the Director of Fair & Sustainable Advisory Services, Mr. Wilfried Schasfoort and the Lead Consultant and Manager of Fair & Sustainable West Africa, Mr. Victor van der Linden.

All of them spoke on this occasion. In his speech the Dutch Ambassador welcomed Fair & Sustainable West Africa as the third Dutch company that is registered in Mali. Read the full version of the speeches of Mr. Maarten Brouwer, Mr. Wilfried Schasfoort and Mr. Victor van der Linden.

Fair & Sustainable West Africa is a social venture with the objective to create economic opportunities that will assist people in West Africa to increase their standard of living. F&S West Africa works with development organizations and companies to achieve this objective and closely collaborates with F&S Advisory Services in the Netherlands to ensure high quality consultancy services to its clients. F&S West Africa currently employs one Dutch lead consultant/manager, Mr. Victor van der Linden, one local consultant Mr. Alfousseni, two support staff and make use of the network of associate consultants in West Africa.

Fair & Sustainable West Africa has been working for ICCO, Agri-ProFocus, SPARK, GIZ, CBI and Oikocredit, amongst others. The main services are: Value Chain Development, Business Development Services and Facilitation Services. For more information please visit the website of Fair & Sustainable West Africa.

Collage Launch FSWA

This is the second subsidiary of Fair & Sustainable Advisory Services. Fair & Sustainable Ethiopia PLC was established in 2009.

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