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By Jochem Schneemann

Early 2011 a timber company in Gabon requested ICCO for copies of the simple guide on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification: “all companies which are FSC certified or want to become certified, are obliged to inform their employees and their families about FSC. This simple guide is a very suitable means to do so.” 

FSAS consultant Jochem Schneemann organised an update and reprinting over 4000 copies of the simple guide. The simple guide with cartoons on every page explains clearly and easily what FSC certification is and the roles of the different stakeholders. It was developed some years ago in a partnership collaboration of Imaflora (Brasil), CIEFE (Cameroon) and ICCO (Netherlands).

Jochem : “I am really proud to see that the result of our work in 2006 – when I worked for ICCO – is demanded by the private sector and will again be used to promote FSC certification and raise the awareness among stakeholders.”

Congo Basin Programme (CBP), initiated by the Dutch Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) and ICCO, supported the reprint of the guide. The CBP aims for 4 million of natural forest certified in the Congo Basin.

The Congo Basin Programme has distributed the guide to companies that are already certified or are interested in becoming certified.

According to Congo Basin Programme Director Tieme Wanders of FORM International , “Companies which I have met were very eager to get hold of the simple guide as educational material about FSC. Such attractive materials are not widely available in the region”.

More information about Congo Basin Programme

The English simple guide can be downloaded from Imaflora’s website 

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