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Learning Journey: Coaching on gender sensitive value chain development

In June 201Group Photo GVC -APF-Training June 2016 - Edit6 ten AgriProFocus Gender in Value Chain (GVC) coaches from a variety of countries (ranging from Ethiopia, Uganda and Zambia to Benin and Indonesia) gathered in Kampala for a training. The objective of this training was twofold: it was held to further expand the expertise of national Gender coaches, while also creating a solid team, a community of coaches for co-creation and peer learning. Most of the participants already had experience in GVC coaching, which made the training not only an advanced course, but also the perfect occasion to link the coaches from different countries and create a network of coaches.

The Gender in Value Chains approach of AgriProFocus is a practical approach, build on hands-on advice and coaching by national coaches, and has as mission to improve gender equity in agricultural value chain development.

GVC-APF-Training-June-2016The training was organized by AgriProFocus together with MDF Afrique Centrale and facilitated by Angelica Senders of Fair & Sustainable Advisory Services, Jacqueline Terrillon (both AgriProFocus coaches) and Annet Bok (MDF Afrique Central). In the programme lots of attention was given to the concepts ‘gender’ and ‘value chain development’ and to tools that can be used for gender sensitive value development. During a ‘market place’, experiences were exchanged on their application allowing for a lively discussion on practical questions with the other participants.

Special attention in this course was given to the development of good coaching skills and the difference between coaching and advising, facilitated by MDF and practiced directly in role play settings. AgriProFocus also tapped into the experiences of the participants of the training: a strategy to expand the GVC approach was co-created with many valuable suggestions and new insights!

Do you also want to join the Gender in Value Chain network of coaches? Feel free to contact us at cvandermolen@agriprofocus.com. Would you like to benefit from the expertise of one of our coaches? Please contact the AgriProFocus office of your country.

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