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AH-ICCO-partnershipMachteld Ooijens, manager at ICCO Global Office, said: “I would like to congratulate our colleagues Gerrit and Litos from the regional office in South Africa and thank them for their contribution. Also a big thanks to Marjoleine Motz (Fair & Sustainable Advisory Services) for the quality work she delivers to the AH foundation and Marian van Weert (P&D, account manager Albert Heijn) for investing in the good relations we have with the Albert Heijn (foundation). Because of your enthusiastic collaboration with the Albert Heijn Foundation, ICCO and Albert Heijn were able to achieve this wonderful result!”

Fair & Sustainable Advisory Services congratulates ICCO and Albert Heijn (Foundation) on this great achievement!

The Best Partnership Award is an initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It challenges young professionals by building partnerships, to write business plans for developing countries. Albert Heijn presented a business case in which one of the suppliers, Westfalia, could start up a value chain for avocados in a rural part of South Africa. The business model of this partnership was received well because it integrates sustainability in the model. People were able to vote between 14 and 20 November 2013.

The business case has the purpose to adjust small avocado farmers to the value chain of Albert Heijn. These small farmers will be educated and strengthened by ICCO locally. The supplier, Westfalia, will adjust with her technical knowledge, in order to optimize the growing of avocado trees and the irrigation systems. By making the value chain more sustainable, these small farmers will have a better position as a supplier and all the parties involved will benefit from this business model.

We hope more partnerships will arise and create sustainable business models for developing countries. 

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